Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is one of the most effective chemical cleaning methods. Perchlorethylene cleaning or "dry" cleaning cures all dirties that can not be removed at home. The high flux of the perchlorethylene ensures its rapid penetration into the fibers and efficiently maintains them regardless of the depth of the dirt! Under the supervision of experienced technicians, works on pieces, dyes and products are preserved. That's why hundreds of thousands of customers do not even try to get rid of dirties willfully by acting wisely, but on the other hand they save their favorite things at ‘’EcoClean’’. К4 technology: The technology of K4 refers to environmentally safe methods of treatment. The solvent of “Solvon” has a mild detergent & age-giving properties that give a light refreshing scent to your things. After this kind of processing, the products are pleasant and soft at the touch, maintain the brightness of the color and get extra protection without crushing. Dressing them is better than before chemical cleaning!