Corporative clients


"EcoClean" network is the leader in the field of dry cleaning and laundry services in the Republic of Azerbaijan and offers the most extensive service in the consumer services industry.

10 Reasons for Choosing "EcoClean":

1. Experience in the personal services market for more than 10 years.
2. Development of latest generation equipment from the best manufacturers in Europe (Germany, Italy, Sweden).
3. "EcoClean" is the only dry cleaning network in which all existing technology lines in the Azerbaijani market are represented.
4. Dosing equipment that excludes components incorrect manual or inadequate loading.
5. Compulsory stain remover of heavily soiled products.
6. Standing training of personnel: Courses in Russia and Ukraine.
7. Europe's service level and permanent work to improve quality of services.
8. Special discounts for corporate customers.
9. Operative reception and delivery service.
10. A unique collaboration program for each customer.

For EcoClean, the priority of work with customers is to maintain a reliable connection and provide maximum comfort.
The experts of the EcoClean dry-cleaner network know not only how to clean the bed linen, the tablecloth, but also the cleaning of the special complex products made of sensitive parts. We ensure high level of processing and care for products that significantly enhance the quality of our products.
The company provides the execution time of the order from 3 to 24 hours, depending on the volume.
During this time, your items will go through the following steps:

Numbering and sorting
Washing / Dry cleaning

It is important for us to do more than just what we have planned to do. Overcoming the expectations of our daily clients - this is what we mean by the work of our company.


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